Dynamic Shoulder-Hip Weight Transfer For Improved Performance

The SOURCE Dynamic Weight Distribution System (DWD) allows the soldier to shift weight dynamically between shoulders and hip belt, reducing back pain and injuries and dramatically improving performance and agility of the soldier. The DWD Exospine Bar is a super-light external spine, adjustable on the go and flexible for full agility.

Reducing weight on shoulders and back

The Dynamic Weight Distribution (DWD) system enables the soldier to transfer the weight of the load he is carrying between the shoulders and the hips, thereby reducing cause for back injury, improving performance, agility and comfort. While on the move, the soldier can control the weight distribution of the load dynamically without having to remove any gear. This improves comfort and prevents fatigue on long and wearing missions without limiting the soldier’s versatility.

Thanks to DWD flexible spine bar

The DWD System utilizes a patented telescopic Exospine Bar that acts as the soldier’s second spine, which allows natural movement and and does not infringe on the flexibility of the body. The Exospine Bar is extended or shortened using a ratchet locking mechanism operated with one hand via the control unit. By simply pressing a button, the weight of the load can be shifted  from 100% on the shoulders and back to 100% on the hips and any combination in between.

Connecting vest & packs to War Belt

The DWD Exospine Bar is inserted into the War Belt and can be connected for example to the 90L Bergen Backpack, the 40L General User Daysack or to the Source Full Body Armor Vest.

Watch: SOURCE DWD Dynamic Weight Distribution Video