Unique SOURCE Scalable Vest Quick Release

SOURCE Scalable Tactical Vest Quick Release (VQR) mechanism enables the soldier to remove his vest within seconds with one single-handed pull. Thanks to the smart design, the vest remains in one single unit, facilitating re-assembly.

Immediate Removal …

The Vest Quick Release VQR mechanism allows immediate removal of the vest with a single-handed pull of the safety strap located securely on the left side of the vest torso.

… and Fast Re-Assembly Of Vest

When removed, the vest remains in one piece and therefore can be re-assembled easily in less than 30 seconds. The Vest Quick Release enhances the soldier’s safety drastically and saves precious seconds in emergency situations.

Scalable Tactical Vest in combination with DWD

If the vest is worn in combination with the DWD System, the DWD Exospine disconnects automatically from the lumbar sheath when the Vest Quick Release is activated.

Vest Quick Release Demo