Virtus Superior Performance Assessment: Field Test & Lab Trial

The Source Virtus System was developed in the context of the UK MOD tender for the next generation UK infantry load carriage and personal protection system. After years spent on concept, development and design of this innovative Soldier System, the equipment was tested in a series of tests and trials to assess soldiers’ enhanced performance.

Field and lab trials were conducted in order to compare the SOURCE Virtus System to the gear previously used by the UK infantry. The Virtus System was tested on six people completing demanding tasks during a three days field trial-period, followed by a series of laboratory tests looking at the physiological and cognitive impact of our system.

Field trial

The Virtus Soldier System was tested on six people over a period of three days. We tested under realistic conditions, measuring a range of parameters during the completion of demanding representative military tasks. The field trial was followed by the Battle Field Missions (BFMs) developed by the UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Lab Trial

Aim of the Lab Trial was to compare various biomechanical, physiological and cognitive variables that reflect the stress exerted by the two systems (Virtus vs former UK system)  in a more controlled manner.

Robot Test

The video shows our gear tested by a special robot we built in order to test and demonstrate the robustness and durability of our DWD system.