SOURCE Supporting UK Army Wintersports 2019/20

It is winter, and despite the lack of snow here in Israel, it is time to launch our sponsorship of the UK Army Winter Sport Association (AWSA).

As the prime contractor for the UK VIRTUS programme, we are especially pleased to be sponsoring the British, Royal Navy and Army Telemark Skiing Championship for the 4th consecutive year. The event is due to be hosted during 13th to the 24th of January 2020 in the iconic mountain village of Pralognan-la-Vanoise, nestled high in the Savoie region of the French Alps.


Looking forward to see many of the racers from Ex Titan Telemark 2018 again in January!

Ex TT 2020 Coming Up In January

Officially named Exercise Telemark Titan 2020 (Ex TT) this unique event sees competitors from all walks of the Royal Navy, Army and British Telemark Team compete head to head across multiple formats of Telemark racing; ranging from classic sprint style racing to the arduous mountain race. The entrants won’t only be competing for titles and trophies but we will be giving away some of our top range of hydration packs to winners and runners up as well as goodie bags to all entrants.



Telemark – More Than Just Downhill Skiing

For those not familiar, the Telemark discipline combines elements of Alpine racing, Nordic skate skiing, and ski jumping. Generally, Telemark skiers use flexible Alpine skis with specially designed bindings that fix only the toe of the ski boot to the ski, thereby creating the “free heel”. It is closely related to the ski touring techniques used by military arctic warfare specialists.


Happy winners of Ex TT 2018 with their SOURCE packs


To keep up to date with the latest TT news and find out more on how to get your hands on some of our latest gear, follow this blog and our Source Tactical Gear Facebook Page. For more information on the event visit the UK Army Winter Sports Association (AWSA) Official Facebook Page.